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The London Group is active in trading and risk management in the capital,

real estate, energy and commodity markets. Through all its member companies,

The London Group will always be a premier provider of innovative business and - Smart Financial Solutions - as a valued business partner within our selected target industries, always maintaining integrity and profitability.

The London Group in searching for real estate, renewable energy, financial and technology projects to directly invest or arrange funding.

If you are interested to work with us, as a new partner, we strongly suggest to use the email below to contact us. Interested parties with whom we had business in the past as well as existing joint venture partners or providers may also contact us in New York: + 1 - (646) - 927 - 0958.


With the financial resources to maintain cutting-edge technology and a quality experienced staff, The London Group has earned its standing as a market leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of risk solutions.

With an in-depth knowledge of risk and a wide array of global products and services,

The London Group can develop and implement risk solutions tailored to suit your specific needs – so that you can concentrate on your business.

Contact: contact@londongroup.info


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