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The London Group is active in trading and risk management in the capital, real estate, energy and commodity markets. London Group has a clear focus on commercial real estate, including mid-size and large office building projects, residential real estate, including mid-size and large upper-middle class and luxury projects, as well as industrial real estate projects, including turn-key factories, production facilities for a wide range of goods, including power plants.

Although the London Group is focused more on real estate and renewable energy, we are open to discuss investments and funding in most industries and business sectors, including but not limited to agriculture, technology, mining operations, banks, insurance companies, FMCG business developments, medical facilities (hospitals & clinics) and related medical services, as well as mid-size and major infrastructure projects, not only in London, U.K., but also in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, British Virgin Islands and the rest of the world.

London Group – A Premier Provider of Innovative Financial Solutions

Through all its member companies, The London Group will always be a premier provider of innovative financial solutions as a valued business partner within our selected target industries, always maintaining integrity and profitability.

The London Group in searching for real estate, renewable energy, financial and technology projects to directly invest or arrange funding.

London Group, as a leading investment management group, providing creative business financial investment services to a large number of clients coming from all domains, business sectors, brings people together, everyone with their own contribution, that can be the capital on one side, and the ideas on the other side, for the success of our clients and of the communities.

People are the most important asset of London Group.

In order for the London Group to bring capital and ideas together, and so be able to finance, to provide the capital required for the implementation of each bright idea, to make sure lenders provide the loans, to make sure the project is funded with the money needed, to make sure investors like not only the project, but also the impact of the project on the communities, it’s clear that the most important asset of London Group are the people.

London Group makes things possible.

London Group always makes sure that each investment, each project funded is in line with the values of the investors, and of the communities they are part of.

It is clear that London Group brings together and helps people, companies, markets, and communities do the right thing by investing and implementing business development ideas within companies and projects in line with the value each and all of them support. This is good not only for all people in general, but also brings sustainable, long-term value for our investors, lenders, stakeholders, and at the same time contributes to the economy expansion in a healthy manner.

The in-house investment funds of London Group

In order to better help our clients, we have developed a very diversified range of “in-house” investment funds, with focus on all business and economic sectors, with a strong, positive impact in obtaining constant growth and a permanent revenue. Many of the in-house investment funds also have a significant contribution in clean energy, to combat climate change, and other investment funds, respond to global needs, such as healthcare access, transportation, housing, food and agriculture.

London Group – premier financial provider

As a global premier financial provider, the London Group is in the position to address worldwide, environmental and social challenges, observing the true values and sustainability on the long term, all with the clear objective to bring long-term benefits to people, to our clients, to the society and communities where we work and live in, and to our investors and shareholders. The London Group provides the advice and guidelines that businesses need in order to grow, all based on our expertise to manage risks and the key data, sensitive information, absolutely necessary for our clients, to make business and strategic investment decisions.

London Group Services:

– Access to capital, to the funding you need

– Smart & creative investment products

– Commercial solutions to local & global challenges

– Assistance to expand to new markets

– Open new distribution channels

– Creating new investment opportunities

– Risk management to reduce volatility

– Active investment strategies

– Investment products with the right price

If you are interested to work with us, as a new partner, we strongly suggest to use the email below to contact us. Interested parties with whom we had business in the past as well as existing joint venture partners or providers may also contact us in New York at

With the financial resources to maintain cutting-edge technology and a quality experienced staff, The London Group has earned its standing as a market leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of risk solutions.

With an in-depth knowledge of risk and a wide array of global products and services,

The London Group can develop and implement risk solutions tailored to suit your specific needs – so that you can concentrate on your business.


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