Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Definitely Has A Significant Impact

The London Group has a commitment to provide the highest level of service and with the ongoing support of our clients and business partners, we are a premier provider of complete energy solutions.

Energy Prices Volatility Is A Reality We Have to Face

Energy prices show tremendous volatility. A volatility that can subject your business to more financial exposure than your bottom line is able to tolerate.

That’s where The London Group and – Smart Financial Solutions – can help.

We partner with you to analyze the range of risks in today’s market and provide financial management solutions to manage the volatility of your energy costs.

In addition, by efficiently managing your complete supply chain, we will ensure your delivery costs are minimized.

Providing a specialized outlook on energy markets and developing adequate risk management programs, The London Group helps you to effectively keep control of your energy prices within an established tolerance range while capturing market opportunities.

Energy – Responsibility

London Group is committed to build long term value for each investment in energy, this way helping our clients, investors, shareholders, entrepreneurs, people and communities. The London Group ability to bring long term value for each renewable energy project is based with work related to increasing financial empowerment and environmental progress, all with the objective of driving real sustainable growth.

London Group – Innovative Solutions

All renewable energy projects London Group is involved in help the fight to combat climate change, bringing substantial, long-term value, not only to investors, entrepreneurs, companies, venture capital firms, but also to the people and communities.

London Group is in the position to help address worldwide and local environmental and social challenges, related to the energy sector. We believe that renewable energy creates the base for substantial growth, not only for our investors and our clients, but also for all people and communities.

Clean energy – A Challenge

We provide assistance to investors, entrepreneurs, companies, established organizations, including governments, through our government relations division, to help them create the environment, the proper laws, regulations and general conditions for investment in power generation facilities that bring the so much required energy without negative impact on the environment and climate.

Government Relations

The London Group has permanently developed contacts at all government levels, in all states, with central and local authorities, in order to make sure the laws and regulations are favorable for investment in renewable energy.

Such extensive expertise is definitely a significant contribution that London Group brings to each client when issues related to an investment in renewable energy appear, as in any other kind of investment, in any other sector.

Renewable Energy Technology

The London Group provides advice, guidelines, recommendations, risk management services and the capital required for very diversified range of projects involving development of various technologies that brings the renewable energy sector to a new level.

As we all know, renewable energy is based on technology, so, for a long time, the London Group focus has been on providing the capital and the risk management services for entrepreneurs, investors, companies, non profit organizations, so they can develop the technologies as fast as possible to make the renewable energy accessible and spread worldwide.


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