Risk Management

Risk Management Performance from Experience

London Group creates state of the art tailor-made solutions in risk management. As we all know, experience is key in risk management and The London Group has it.

London Group Risk Solutions

The London Group develops intelligent, transparent, efficient, no-nonsense risk solutions. Services include reinsurance services in the property, casualty and life accident & health areas.

Capital for Our Clients

We have extensive commutation expertise; an important issue in today’s marketplace and can assist insurance companies in raising capital.

London Group Reinsurance

Reinsurance placements are executed with timely documentation and supported by a goal to provide a fully integrated program strategy.

London Group 360° Solutions

Our solutions include risk management, reinsurance, custom insurance solutions, loss control, claims in-take and supervision, database analytics and advisory services. Our clients include traditional insurance companies, industrial companies, global manufacturers, captive insurers, risk retention groups, transportation companies and self-insured programs.

London Group – Helps Manage Risks

London group identifies commercial solutions to your local, regional or global challenges, we make sure everything is very specific and clear, and then we apply solutions so volatility is reduced and the risk is measurable and under control.

This enables you to get access to capital, all with our strategic advice and risk management services.

Risk management – the key for great results

If risks management services are provided by the London Group, your business will be in a great position to expand to new markets, to open distribution channels, to diversify the way you do business, even to change the way you do business, considering the permanently changing market environment, to diversify your products and services, even to change significant parts of your business, observing the need to change, the entire world being in a permanent transformation process, with the obvious remark that needs to be put, that in the recent times, this transformation is happening very fast, much faster than ever before.

Risk management = Reduced Volatility

Having London Group handling the risk management for your business brings you the time and comfort to focus on your sales and profitability, without the need to waste so much of your valuable time on the urgent need that usually appears, related to the need to reduce volatility in expenses, and hedge exposures.

Risk Management Expertise

All members of London Group’s team handling risk management are committed to conduct all activities in accordance with and carefully observing the highest ethical standards, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. London Group believes that in all it’s activities, including the risk management division, the best way to build and maintain trust, is to make sure each action and business act is done by our people,. observing the highest standards of integrity.

This applies to all people who work here, whatever the rank, from external consultants to the top management team. Just to be clear, the London Group does not only want people because of their skills, results and potential, but we also look at the values and principles they stand for.

Risk Management – Top Priority

The London Group strongly believes that risk management should be a top priority for all businesses, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, lenders, venture capital firms, generally everybody active in today’s extremely volatile and changing world. Make sure you contact London Group to get our experts, not only evaluate the existing risks, but to identify the commercial solutions, and to help you reduce volatility so you can expand, grow on solid grounds, leverage on the existing opportunities.

Contact: contact@londongroup.info

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